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Dubai in Corona time

Dubai is probably the safest long-distance destination at the moment, a report.

Is flying safe in Corona times? Where can I currently fly on the long distance? How safe is Dubai?

We are asked these and other questions every day. It is therefore time to report on a current travel experience. This is the best way to understand what you can really expect.

Flying in Corona times In the Corona crisis there is a lot of discussion about whether flying is safe. There are divided opinions. The fact is that there are hardly any indications of new infections on a flight. But of course, you have the problem of sitting in a small space with a lot of people. At Emirates you are set so that social distancing is guaranteed. Experience report Emirates flight to Dubai on 17th July 2020. Emirates currently flies in German-speaking countries from Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich and Vienna. We flew from Zurich. We find the airport abandoned. There is hardly anyone to be seen. There are no waiting times. You can also check in 90 to 120 minutes before departure without any problems. At check-in you must submit two forms that can be downloaded in advance on the Internet or obtained on site. It is not difficult. Otherwise check-in is as usual.

Security is a top priority In the plane, passengers are seated at maximum distance. The flight attendants wear masks, glasses and a kind of protective suit. In my view that is a bit too much, a mask would probably have done it too. But in the end, everything would be too safe rather than a security hole somewhere. The pillows are welded in plastic. Everything is disinfected. Drinks such as juices are served in plastic bottles. There is a mask requirement on board and you get a hygiene kit with several masks and disinfectants. Even if there are no passengers sitting right next to you, you cannot take off your mask.

Entry into Dubai

If you are traveling to Dubai, you must either have a Corona test up to 96 hours old on entry or you will be tested on site. I can only guess: Don't stress in advance, the test in Dubai is extremely easy. Nothing was going on in Dubai either. When you get there, you have to fill out the same health form that you had in Zurich before your passport control at a table. Then you get a reagent container for the test after passport control. You go to testing before you can pick up your luggage. There are two smears in the nose. Takes 1 minute. It is important that you have downloaded the Dubai Corona Smart App and registered your mobile number. You will receive your test result within 24 hours. Until then you should stay in the hotel and not go among people, but nobody checks whether you are in the hotel e.g. at dinner. If in doubt, just leave the cell phone in your room. But never go under people because that serves to protect everyone. We received the result via SMS at 11:30 p.m.

Conclusion We were pleasantly surprised at how straightforward everything works because you have enough space. Everything is handled very professionally in Dubai and due to all security measures, there is practically no risk of getting infected anywhere. Seen in this way, our clear recommendation for the next few months is a vacation in Dubai and a flight with Emirates.

Dubai is a recommended long-haul destination

Our current recommendation for long-range destinations is Dubai. We are at your disposal for further information and advice.

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